J Bradley Pool Services

J.Bradley Custom Pools is known for building luxury high quality pools and solid relationships with our customers. After the build is complete, maintenance is key. Let us take care of your pool on a weekly basis with our Service Plan to ensure your swimming pools long life and pristine appearance

Our Pool Services Include:

  • Weekly Cleaning

  • Filter Cleaning

  • Repair Services

  • Free Pool School

Weekly Cleaning

  • Check and balance water chemistry

  • Maintain chemicals as needed: Chlorine, PH, Acid, Total Alkalinity, Hardness, CYA

  • Empty skimmer baskets

  • Clean top and bottom surfaces of debris

  • Brush tile lines

  • Brush pool and spa steps

  • Empty pool cleaner bags

  • Monitor all pool equipment and repair as necessary (check pressure, empty pump baskets, check for leaks)

  • Water Leak Checks

  • Empty Pump Baskets


Filter Cleaning

At J.Bradley Pools we recommend regular filter cleanings for longevity and high performance.


We suggest always having a clean filter to:

  • Ensure that your water is clean and safe

  • Make sure no waterborne contaminants build up in the filter

  • Save money: a clean filter uses less energy to circulate the water in your pool

  • Save money: a clean filter lasts longer and reduces the need to replace it

  • Improve chemical stability: extend the life of your plaster and save money

  • Keep algae out

Repair Services

We offer the following repair services:

  • Pool Cleaners Installation, Repair or Replacement

  • Filter Service, Repair and Replacement

  • Pump Service, Repair or Replacement

  • Heater Repair and Replacement

Pool Service
Pool Service

Our Employees

You can trust our professional pool service providers 100% Every employee undergoes extensive training. They will also arrive in uniform and in company vehicles.

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